Honours and Timeline

Season 2016/17

Ta' Zwejt Boys: League Champions 

Titans FC: Knockout Champions 

Titans FC: Trophy Champions 

Kevin Sammut: Player of the Season, Top Scorer Award 

Jonathan Cardona: Golden Glove Award

Team Beqqu: Fair Play Award 

Titans FC: Super Cup Winners 

September 2016

Where it all started

Goalline Amateur League started in September, 2016 we are still working hard to become the leaders in Malta for Amateur Football Leagues programs.

With our unique and exciting format, players of all ages and skill levels can enjoy participating in a well organized local sports league. The goal of our league is to provide a safe, positive, and encouraging environment that enables you to learn and apply the basic principles of teamwork, discipline, dedication and sportsmanship.

Goalline offers the perfect balance between healthy competition and fun for all football players!

- Informative and consistent league communications

- Easy online registration…Early registration discounts

- Perfect balance of participation and competition

- Request to play with your friends encouraged

- Fall, winter & spring seasons

- Exceptional organization and customer service

- Cash Prizes to winners

- Prestigious Cups and Trophies

- Monthly get togethers to all team leaders

- One game per week format with optional weekday practice

- Limited and manageable team rosters

- Play-offs and tournaments for each season

- Awards for players at the end of every season

- Dynamic website that includes schedules, directions, rules, scores, standings, player stats, weekly action photos, and more.

Most of all…lots of FUN & EXCITEMENT!

Goalline - Principles

Football is a great way for everyone to expend their energy in a positive way while developing sport specific skills. More importantly, however, sports are a means to developing life skills and Fun should be the highlight of the season. For us at Goalline Amateur League, we have carefully built our philosophy with the following principles:

Improve: We feel it is essential that a safe practice and playing environment is created where each player is not afraid to make mistakes, is encouraged to make decisions, and is given the tools necessary to improve each aspect of his or her game.

Balance: There are two important elements to football sports: participation and competition. Our leagues are structured to encourage a good balance of competition with participation, and an emphasis on cooperation.

Growth: Our football leagues will open the opportunity for you to become more confident, more self-assured, more willing to take chances, eager to make decisions, and ready to embrace all the positive qualities that football has to offer.

Participation: Our games were designed to make it easy for every player to participate in every game. This way, every player can contribute to the teams’ development and progress. Although player size and skill certainly can vary, your coaches should emphasize this aspect of participation and teamwork.

Sportsmanship: Respect all players, coaches, referee’s and why not fans. Encourage each other to be good sports. Shake hands or high-fives after the games. Cheer on good play for both sides. Not all calls are perfect, but treat officials with respect. The adults set the example for the kids to become good sports.

Honour - While Goalline Amateur League may not boast football stars who are worth millions, there is nothing from stopping us from organising our own show to recognise the achievements of the players. Goalline Organisers will be rewarding players, coaches and officials.

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