A guidance document in preparation for the start of Season 5 and ongoing developments re COVID-19 situation.


Goalline League came to a halt on March 11, 2020 and following considerations on the ongoing developments regarding COVID-19 in Malta, we had decided to temporarily suspend our fixtures until the situation normalizes.
At the time being all Qualifying Round Matches had been played and all 16 teams where divided in two Divisions,                      i.e 8 Teams in Division 1 and 8 Teams in Division 2.

Following in depth consideration of the current situation, on May 26, 2020 Goalline Management, in agreement with most of the teams, decided to end the season 2019/2020 with the following thoughts :

1.     We didn't knew when measures on leisure sports will be relieved.
2.     We have monitored the decisions of other local and foreign football league bodies.
3.     Season was been nulled and no awards had been determined.
4.     Since our teams ended the Qualifying Round (15 fixtures), those standings will now be used to benchmark teams for                      Season 5.
5.     We calculated the monetary equivalent of the unplayed fixtures (€200), and these were awarded to the teams as a                      discount for Season 5 or cash refund.
6.     The prize money for Season 4 will now be used for Season 5.   

We are confident that the decision taken was the most sensible one during that current time and we are now eagerly waiting for Season 5


At Goalline, we strive to provide the best value and a high standard of content to help generate more excitement for our leagues and all important announcements will be published on our league interactive website.  
This website will be the go-to place for all information and details on the Goalline League.
Here you will be able to see all fixtures, results, statistics, photos and more!

COVID - 19:
In preparation for the start of the 2020-21 season, Goalline has updated its health and operational guidelines for teams. 
COVID-19 situation is unpredictable, and while it is impossible to establish a completely risk free environment, the aim is to lower the risk as far as possible by applying current medical advice and best practices.
Players, staff, and everyone else involved should remember that their actions, serve as a strong symbol for others. 
ALL MANAGERS/CAPTAINS must have a collective duty to show leadership and set an example in the rigorous application of these measures.


1. All individuals are encouraged to arrive separately (max. 2 people per car) wearing facemasks and be ready for their particular match (i.e. wearing the appropriate kit) at the given time.  

2. Temperature is to be checked before entry to Pieta’ Grounds, entry should be denied if over 37.2oC or if there are any signs/symptoms.  

3. Masks/Visors should be worn when not doing physically demanding activity, this means that players, coaches or other team members (e.g. medics) must wear a mask or visor. These are to be maintained in common areas and all substitute players must keep their masks/visors.

4. Hand sanitizer is to be used upon entry to the facility.  

5. If you are feeling sick, stay at home.

6. Congregation in common areas is strictly prohibited and teams will be asked to wait outside. Social distancing applies until warming up or match starts on pitch.

7. Bibs will not be provided.  Please ensure there will be no kit clashes, and that all players are wearing the appropriate kit.

8. Only registered players and officials in the line up will be allowed on the pitch. No spectators shall be allowed inside Pieta’ Grounds premises.

9. Footballs will be disinfected prior to every fixture.

10.To facilitate entry to the premises, it is recommended to be at the venue 10 minutes before and respect the guidelines.

11. Each team will be allowed only 10 players (5 playing + 5 substitutes) on the pitch. 

12. Any persons who are feeling unwell or show signs/symptoms should stay at home and call 111 to arrange for swabbing and consult their GP. They are under no circumstances to attend the game.

13. Anyone who feels unwell during the game is to stop, remove themselves from the pitch and if well enough to go home and isolate and call 111 / their GP.

14. Water and any food/snacks must be brought by the players and no sharing is allowed. No water dispensers are allowed.  

15. Shower facilities and changing rooms will remain closed.  

16. Only persons occupying a role in the capacity of a Coach / Doctor / Team Rep will be allowed for a particular match.

17. Maximum cooperation is to be ensured with Public Health Authorities. 

18. If you become symptomatic during the match, you should immediately remove yourself from the match and return home as soon as possible. 

IN ANY CASE - if a player becomes symptomatic in A PARTICULAR MATCH, the Referee will have to stop the game until all safety measures will be taken accordingly. If such matter occurs, the game will be postponed to a later date.


Final Awards shall be determined upon completion of all fixtures.  

Should there be events that will push the season to be suspended, we will allow up to a suspension of a maximum of 2 months.  

Fixtures will be resumed as per schedule with recovery fixtures taking place when deemed necessary.  

Should the suspension be over 2 months, the season shall be cancelled and amount for remaining fixtures shall be refunded. 

We will closely following the situation and these rules & regulations are subject to change depending on the situation.


  • Player/Staff Member shall quarantine as per public health guidelines. Once passed fit to exit quarantine they must present a Negative Certificate before return to play. 
  • The established close contacts of positive player or staff member are encouraged to quarantine and make a swab test prior to re integration with the rest of the team in the absence of any symptoms.

To complement the above, and to ensure the regular staging of competition, Goalline will introduce these regulations : 

  • Each team are encouraged to register 18 players and submit a squad list of a minimum of 10 players clearly indicating goalkeepers and players. 
  • A competitive match cannot be postponed if the team has a minimum of 6 players, including 1 GK, available from the squad list who are RT-PCR negative, notwithstanding the obligation to self-isolate imposed on the rest of the squad. Where less than 1 players from the above-mentioned list are available, the match will be postponed.
  • The return of the player with a RT-PCR positive swab test to Goalline League is permitted with if the following (3) conditions are met:  Afebrile without the use of antipyretics for three (3) days, Asymptomatic and has a negative nasopharyngeal samples, not more than 72 hours .


The Team Representative must cooperate with Goalline Management.   

1. A registered football player or team member is to inform his team of any COVID testing undertaken resulting positive by not later than 24 hours from the result of such testing being notified to him;    

2. The registered football player or team member shall adhere to all instructions issued by the Health Department, without reservations and to the fullest extent possible;    

3.  Every team shall ensure that all its registered players or team members that have undertaken COVID testing, informs Goalline Management in person within 24 hours from the result of such testing being notified;    

4. Every registered player or team member that has been deemed positive to COVID-19, shall self-isolate and consequently is not to participate in any football activity, up until such person has been given clearance by the Public Health Authorities.  

5. Any player or team member that has been found guilty of an offence against these regulations, shall be suspended from Goalline League . 


The role of this person is to remain familiar with the most up to date with Goalline, Sport Malta and Public Health Guidance and ensure that this is communicated throughout club players and other team members.

Key responsibilities:   

▪ Ensure players are aware and adhere to COVID-19 guidance and protocols while at training & during matches and have access to the appropriate equipment. (sanitizer, disinfectant etc.)   

▪ Ensure that the team uses good facilities that allow Public Health guidance to be met. This includes social distancing and good hand hygiene practice.   

▪ Keep updated with all new Sport Malta, Public Health guidance and Goalline guidelines on COVID-19; update and communicate team plans, as necessary.   

▪ Carrying out a risk assessment will help support the decision to return to football activity.  

▪ Report regularly on the state of health within the respective team and Goalline Management.

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