We are proud to announce Goalline Season 5 which will be hosted at Pieta’ Football Grounds.

We are willing to give a professional service to all football enthusiasts, a rewarding prize and a place where our passion (football) can be practised in a safe and professional environment.

COVID-19 Regulations

  1. If you are feeling sick, stay at home.
  2. All visitors must have their body temperature checked at entrance of the premises.
  3. Congregation in common areas is strictly prohibited and teams will be asked to wait outside.
  4. Spitting is prohibited on the pitch, and anywhere else in the premises.
  5. Use of showers is prohibited.
  6. Bibs will not be provided.  Please ensure there will be no kit clashes, and that all players are wearing the appropriate kit.
  7. Each Team will be asked to get their own footballs to be used for Warming Up. League official balls will be used only for the respective matches.
  8. Only registered players in the line up will be allowed on the pitch.  No spectators.
  9. Face Masks or Visors are obligatory when on and around the premises. Subs are to remain with Masks on and stay in a designated area.
  10. Footballs will be disinfected prior to every fixture.
  11. To facilitate entry to the premises, it is recommended to be at the venue 10 minutes before, ready in FULL KIT as we will not be using Changing Rooms for the time being.
  12. Each team will be allowed only 10 players (5 playing + 5 substitutes) on the pitch.
  13. Final Awards shall be determined upon completion of all fixtures.  Should there be events that will push the season to be suspended, we will allow up to a suspension of a maximum of 2 months.  Fixtures will be resumed as per schedule with recovery fixtures taking place when deemed necessary.  Should the suspension be over 2 months, the season shall be canceled and amount for remaining fixtures shall be refunded.
  14. All Teams will be playing on an alternate weekly basis, so that we will be in line with the Health Authorities regulations.
  15. Covid Guidance Document
  16. We are closely following the situation and these rules & regulations are subject to change depending on the situation.

Constitution Rules

  1. Each team will play the other teams in their division twice during the season.
  2. At the end of each season (in case of multiple divisions) the top 2 teams from each division will be promoted and the bottom 2 teams will be relegated (may vary). 
  3. Teams will receive 3 points for a Win, 1 for a Draw and 0 for a loss.  League placings will be decided by points gained, followed by (i) Aggregate Result between the two teams in question, (ii) Goal Difference, and (iii) Goals Scored. 
  4. A decider match may apply in case the first two teams are tied at equal points.
  5. You must be at least 18 years old to register. All players must be registered by completing the necessary forms prior to competing for any team. Teams may register up to 18 players and no player can be registered to more than one team. Players may only transfer their registration to another team during the transfer market against a €20 fee. 
  6. During the main transfer market each team can change/register a maximum of 5 NEW players at no fee.
    1. Main Transfer Market: There will be one major transfer market window, during the Christmas break.
    2. Minor Transfer Market: There will be a small window every 2 months where each team can change/register a maximum of 2 NEW players at no fee.
  7. All teams can access these players from our website in the Transfer Market Section.
    Any players transferring from one team to another must fill in the Player Registration form again consenting to the transfer.
  8. All players playing on a particular day must be marked on the Line Up Sheet.  This will be verified by an organiser prior to kick-off.  All players must keep their own kit number throughout the league.  
  9. Players competing at club level are only eligible as per below:
    1. MFA Premier League – No (0) Players allowed 
    2. MFA First Division – Unlimited Registrations – Up to One (1) Player per fixture. 
    3. MFA Second/Third Divisions – Unlimited Registrations – Unlimited Players per fixture. 
    4. FMA Futsal All Divisions – Unlimited Registrations – Unlimited Players per fixture. 
    5. MFA Suspended – Unlimited Registrations – Unlimited Players per fixture.
  10. Foreign teams and players are welcome in our league.  Should a player be caught in breach of the above eligibility, the team will be fined €50.
  11. Any team playing an unregistered or suspended player will automatically lose the match 3-0 and be deducted 3 points. Players playing whilst suspended will have a further three match ban and a €25 fine.
    1. If a player accumulates 2 YELLOW cards, any following YELLOW card will carry fee of €10. 
    2. Any direct RED card will carry a fee of €10.  The penalty fee must be paid prior to the following game. 
  12. A CLEAR copy of an ID card from FRONT AND BACK, must be provided upon registration.  The management will provide a photographer for the players’ portrait photo for the Goalline website. 
  13. Participating fee for the season will be of €750 and must be paid upon registration. The fee must be paid in full together with the Registration.
  14. This fee will cover all League Competitions (League, Knock-Out, Trophy and Super Cup). 
  15. An additional €100 Refundable Deposit will be collected which will be used against any disciplinary penalties during the duration of the league.  If this Deposit is fully consumed, a second €100 Refundable Deposit must be provided.

League Setup

The League will consist of:

  • Goalline League
    • Each team will play the other teams in their respective division twice during the season. Each match day will be played on one Friday Night.  In the case that the first two teams finish at equal points, a Decider Match shall be held to determine the League Winner and Runner Up.
  • Knock-Out Cup
    • The knock-out competition will take place throughout the season with different stages during different periods of the league.  All teams from all divisions will be playing in the Knock-Out Cup and a draw will be held in front of every team representative at the Pieta’ Grounds on a particular day.  This is a type of elimination tournament where the loser of each bracket is immediately eliminated from winning the Cup.
  • Trophy Cup
    • The Trophy competition will be played between the four top teams of the league and will take place after concluding the Goalline league. A draw will be held infront of these four team representatives at the Pieta’ Grounds on a particular day.
  • Super Cup
    • The Super Cup competition will be played between the League Winner and the Knockout Competition Winner and will be played as the first game of the following season. 

If the same team wins the League and the Knockout, the Super Cup will be played between the League Winner against the Knockout Runner Up.


League Winner 1st Division League Cup (to be kept for 1 year)
Replica Cup and Gold Medals
€1500 (applicable for Season 2020/21 only)
League Runner Up 1st Division Plaque and Silver Medals
League Winner 2nd Division (if applicable) League Cup (to be kept for 1year)
Replica Cup and Gold Medals
€850 (applicable for Season 2020/21 only)
League Runner Up 2nd Division (if applicable) Plaque and Silver Medals
Knock Out Winner Cup and Gold Medals
€400 (applicable for Season 2020/21 only)
Knock Out Runner Up Plaque and Silver Medals
Trophy Cup Winner Cup and Gold Medals
€250 (applicable for Season 2020/21 only)
Trophy Cup Runner Up Plaque and Silver Medals
Super Cup Cup and Gold Medals
Super Cup (Runner Up) Plaque and Silver Medals
  1. At the end of each season, we will be determining which players will receive an award based on attitude, dedication and hard work. 
  2. While Goalline Amateur League may not boast football stars who are worth millions, there is nothing from stopping us from organising our own show to recognise the achievements of the players. 
  3. Goalline Organisers will be rewarding players, coaches and officials. The event is endorsed by Goalline Management.
  4. There will be five nominations awards in each division that will be:
    1. Goalline Golden Ball: awarded to the best player overall.
    2. Goalline Golden Boot: awarded to top scorer.
    3. Goalline Golden Gloves: awarded to best goalkeeper.
    4. Goalline Fair Play Award: awarded to the team with the best record of fair play.
    5. Goalline Manager of the Year: awarded to the best manager
  5. The Golden Ball Award is based on votes from coaches or captains of all participating teams. All team captains and coaches will be asked to determine their vote by naming three best players. 
  6. The Manager of the Year Award is based on votes from coaches or captains of all participating teams. All team captains and coaches will be asked to determine their vote by naming the best manager.

Fixture Rules

  1. Teams are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled kick off times. Games will be played every Friday at the Pieta’ Grounds; 1st game starts at 8:15pm and 2nd game starts at 9:15pm.
  2. Teams must be on the pitch and ready to begin the match at the appointed kick-off time. If a team is more than 10 minutes late (without a proper excuse) their opponents may claim a 2-0 head start, and at the referees discretion a 3-0 win (and deduction of 3 points to the offending team).
  3. The Fixture Calendar is FINAL as soon as the Round commences.  The teams are responsible to ensure that they respect their designated fixtures.  If the teams cannot make their fixture, the Announced Walkover shall carry the following fines:
    1. 1st Offence: NO Points Deduction
    2. 2nd Offence: 1 Point Deduction & €25 Fine
    3. 3rd Offence: 3 Points Deduction & €25 Fine
    4. 4th Offence: Expulsion from all Competitions & up to €100 Fine 
  4. Failing to Announce a Walkover before at least 24 hours shall be reviewed by the Goalline League Management and may result in a maximum fine of €100 and expulsion.
  5. A team within the Top 4 Positions of the League which has Announced Walkovers WILL NOT be elegible for the Trophy.
  6. No Match Fixing will be tolerated.  Any team caught fixing matches will be banned from the League immediately and have to pay a €100 fine.
  7. In the event that a team refuses to complete a match, which has already started, the match will be awarded to the other team 3-0 and the team refusing to complete the match will be deducted 3 points. If the score at the time produces, a goal difference greater than 3-0 then that score will stand.
  8. All fixtures are to be played unless adverse weather conditions make the pitches unplayable. Any decision to cancel a game can only be made by Goalline League Management. Postponements are not allowed, unless in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of Goalline League Management.
  9. A fixture list will be issued at the start of each season and will be displayed on the Goalline League website.  All league results will be displayed on the Goalline website and/or Facebook page.
  10. Goalline League Management believes that effective communication is a key interpersonal skill in learning how we can improve our relationship with our participants. We suggest that both the League organizers and the team leaders would have frequent meetings, so that we will discuss and improve our league. From time to time, we will be organising social activities at our clubhouse to all team organizers/leaders with discounted prices.

Gameplay Rules

  1. The Ball – A Size #4 FIFA Inspected will be used in all matches.
  2. For every match each team may field four outfield players and a goalkeeper on the pitch at any one time.
  3. Substitutions are unlimited during the game, can only be made when the ball is out of play and play to be resumed by the team performing the substitution, under the Referee’s consent. Outgoing substitutes must leave the field of play before the replacement enters the playing area. The oncoming players are active immediately and can receive the ball. Substitutes must stand outside the pitch perimeter and spectators must not enter the field of play under any circumstances.
  4. NO screw in studded footwear or blades are permitted to be worn by any player. Only training shoes, moulded soles and synthetic boots may be worn. All Players must wear shin pads. The wearing of any form of jewellery (including, without limitation, watches) is not permitted during play. Referees may refuse to allow players to play with inappropriate footwear, without shin pads and/or are wearing any form of jewellery.
  5. All Players on the field must wear the same Shirt, Shorts and Socks Colour and carry their Designated Number on their back.  Teams in breach of Kit Requirements will be Issued Warnings based of the below Structure:
    1. Short & Sock Colour Offences: 
      1. 1st & 2nd Offence: Written Warning
      2. 3rd & Subsequent Offences: €5 Fine per Occurrence per Team
    2. Kit Number Offences:
      1. 1st & 2nd Offence: Written Warning & 2 weeks Grace Period
      2. 3rd & Subsequent Offences: €5 Fine per Occurrence per Team
    3. If both offences are identified for a fixture, the Maximum Fine per match per team may never exceed €5.
    4. The Match Official may disallow players to play should they be in breach of the Kit Requirements.
    5. In case of a kit clash, bibs shall be provided by the League.  
  6. Duration of the Game: Two equal periods of 25 minutes with 5 minutes Half Time.
  7. Every team will be able to have a maximum of 1 Official (such as Team Coach and Team Manager) on the touchline.
  8. The first half will begin with one team taking a centre; the second half will begin with the other team taking a centre. After a goal has been scored the game will be re-started by the team who conceded the goal taking a centre.
  9. A goalkeeper can receive a back pass, but can’t touch the ball with his hands. Thus a goalkeeper can score a goal only if he’s playing with his feet. Goalkeepers are unable to score directly with a hand throw, unless the ball is touched by an outfield player.
  10. Goal Kicks. Goalkeepers must return the ball into play with a hand throw from the goal area.
  11. A goal may be scored from any point within the field of play.
  12. For the safety of all players, slide tackles are not allowed. Violent and aggressive play; unsporting behaviour; and foul and abusive language will not be tolerated. Infringement of this rule will lead to a yellow card and a free kick being awarded against the offending players’ team. 
  13. Professional fouls will be penalized with a red card and the guilty player may face disciplinary action.
  14. Offside – There is no offside in 5v5.
  15. Throw in – A kick-in will be taken in place of the throw-in.
  16. Whilst during play, if the ball hits the net, the game stops and the opposite team gets a kick-in in order to continue.
  17. Free Kicks – The referee will decide between direct and indirect free kick.
  18. Opposition players must be at least five metres from where any free-kick is taken. If opposing players do not retreat the required five meters the kick may be moved forward one meter. If a free kick is awarded on or near the goal area it can be moved up to five meters backwards to allow defenders to be five meters from the ball.
  19. Penalty Kick – To be taken from the penalty mark. All players must be out of the penalty area.
  20. The Goalkeeper must be on the goal line when a penalty is being taken.
  21. These League Rules are not exhaustive and may be amended at any time.
  22. The Referees decision on all on-field matters is final and no discussions will be entered into either on or off the field with him about any decision. The Referees jurisdiction on disciplinary matters will apply until players have entered the changing rooms. Players repeatedly disputing decisions may have further disciplinary action taken against them.
  23. Petitions: (€25) Refundable in case of winning the Petition.  A petition will only be considered on breaches of Competition Rules & Regulations. Such protest must be in writing, stating the game played upon which the protest is lodged. 
  24. A petition of any game, must be submitted within forty-eight (48) hours of the date of the match to which it relates.  In the event that the petition is mailed, the post-mark shall be taken as the limiting date in all cases. The petition shall be signed by the team coach or manager. The petition fee must accompany the petition when filed with Goalline Management. A copy of the petition shall be forwarded by Goalline Management to the opposing team within two (2) working days after the receipt of the petition. The complaint should be addressed to the Goalline Management via email – petitions@goalline.com.mt, by post or by hand who will forward it to the Management Board.

Disciplinary Rules

Main Referee
Duties: Enforce the laws, apply the advantage rule, keep a record of all incidents before, during and after game, stop game when deemed necessary, caution or expel players guilty of misconduct, violent conduct or other ungentle manly behaviour, allow no others to enter the pitch, stop game to have injured players removed, signal for game to be restarted after every stoppage, decide that the ball meets with the stipulated requirements.

Players shall be cautioned (shown yellow card) when: 

  1. A substituting player enters the pitch from an incorrect position or before the player he is substituting has entirely left the pitch 
  2. He persistently infringes the Laws of the Game 
  3. He shows dissent with any decision of the referee 

Players shall be sent off (shown the red card) for: 

  1. Serious foul play
  2. Violent conduct
  3. Foul or abusive language
  4. Second instance of cautionable offense (i.e., second yellow card)
  5. Intentionally impeding a clear goal opportunity (e.g. through a "professional foul")
  6. Intentionally impeding a clear goal opportunity in the penalty area by handling the ball


  1. A player sent off for a second offence will be suspended for a minimum of 1 game. In the case serious foul play, foul or abusive language the suspension will be extended to 2 games or longer should Goalline League Management deem this necessary.
  2. A player can be given a red card even off the field of play (for unacceptable conduct on the side-line). 
  3. If a player on the pitch is sent off, the penalised team will have to play with one less player for 2 minutes (continuous time), or until a goal is conceded.  Another player other than the player who was sent off may be fielded when one of the above conditions are met.
  4. A player who accumulates three (3) yellow cards will be suspended for 1 game.
  5. All suspensions are effective in separate competitions.  If a player is suspended from the league, he will be allowed to play in the cup competitions.  However, should a player be suspended in the cup competition during the last game of his team, the suspension shall be transferred to the league.
  6. If a match is abandoned for any reason the team at fault will receive a 3-0 defeat and be deducted 3 points unless the opposing team already has a greater advantage in which case the score will stand. If both teams are judged to be at fault the game will be void and no points will be awarded.
  7. Violent conduct on or off the pitch will result in the immediate suspension of the individual and could result in a ban from all Goalline Sports Events. The Management reserve the right to ban an individual or team from further participation in all competitions. Teams not cooperating with the organisers will be removed from the league programme. This will carry a €100 fine.
  8. Referees must be treated with respect from all teams. Teams found guilty of abusing Referees will be removed from the Leagues, as will Teams in material or persistent breach of these Rules.
  9. The decision of Goalline League Management in all matters pertaining to the administration of the league is final.
  10. Goalline League Management may overturn any rule if they feel a team is deliberately using an interpretation of the rules to gain an unfair advantage.
  11. In case the league is not finished due to unforeseen circumstances, there will be no automatic winner or promotion. Goalline League Management has the right to decide according to the situation at that moment.
  12. Sportsmanship – Players, coaches and spectators are expected to act in the nature of good sportsmanship at all times.  Abuse of the referees will not be tolerated.  Any instance of such conduct will lead to the banning of the offending team from the league without refund.


When and where are the leagues held?
Every Friday Evening from 8pm till 10:30pm at the Pieta’ Grounds.

Can I choose what night of the week I play?
No. Once fixtures are published, they must be respected.

Are referees included?
Every league match is refereed by affiliated referees.

How many teams are there in each division?
We offer a full range of league competitions. Most consist of divisions of eight, although some leagues do vary from this standard size.

How long is a season?
The standard league season sees all teams play each other twice besides other competitions.

Is there promotion and relegation at the end of each season?
At the end of each season, there is the added excitement as teams battle to gain promotion or to avoid relegation. Most of our leagues feature two-up and two-down promotion and relegation.

What facilities are provided at the venue? (May Vary Re Covid-19 Situation)
At Pieta Grounds, high quality dressing rooms and hot showers make changing all part of the enjoyment, and to rerun that sublime one-two or the perfect nutmeg, there’s a sports lounge with a great selection of beers and big screen football.  There is also free Wi-Fi available so you can start sharing the post-match banter straight away.

How many players can my team use for a match?
All the 18 registered players may be used but only 10 players will be allowed in the pitch during thhe Covid-19 Situation. Other players will stay in a designated area.

How many players can my team use throughout a season?
Teams may register up to 18 players and no player can be registered to more than one team in the same league division. Players may not transfer their registration to a team in the same division during the course of a season unless during the transfer window.

Do my players need to wear shin guards?
Shin guards are NOT COMPULSAORY for leagues play, but we RECCOMEND to use them.

What footwear should we wear?
Training shoes, moulded soles or synthetic boots - NO screw in studded footwear or blades.

Do we need to wear matching strips?
All teams must have their own football kit with numbers, matching shirts, shorts and socks.  Players cannot change numbers between matches.

What do the winners and runners up of each division win?
The winner of Division 1 receives €1500, Division 2 winners receive €850, the league cup and both the winners and runners-up receive individual medals.

What other prizes are available and when are they presented?
One player in every division is awarded the prestigious ‘Player of the Season’, ‘The Top Scorer Trophy’, ‘Best Goalkeeper’, ‘Fair Play’ award at the end of season Presentation Night.

How do I go about joining Goalline?
It couldn’t be easier, give us a call on 79440677, email us info@goalline.com.mt  or drop by the Pieta Grounds Complex.

Where can I find all the information about Goalline Amateur League?
For more information you may:

Visit our official website – www.goalline.com.mt
Find us on Facebook page www.facebook.com/goallineleague
Contact us on 79440677

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